Lenovo expected today to launch a virtual machine for ThinkPads recovery

Quoting from eWeek:

Lenovo, for its part, is nearing the introduction of a virtualization appliance-like software module designed to augment its Rescue and Recovery software.

The module, to be unveiled along with a new version of Rescue and Recovery on May 16, is one of Lenovo’s ThinkVantage Technologies. The manufacturer bundles the add-ons in its PCs in an effort to help cut management costs for businesses.

Rescue and Recovery 3.1, like its predecessors, will serve to back up a PC’s data and then restore it upon a crash or after a malware attack.

A feature dubbed Antidote Delivery Engine, which works to patch software before it’s restored on a PC to ensure that a machine won’t become immediately reinfected, will gain a virtualization module, said Lee Highsmith, program manager for ThinkVantage Technologies at Lenovo in Raleigh, N.C.

The module will turn Antidote Delivery Engine into a virtual appliance of sorts, allowing the application to reside in its own partition, making it more resistant to crashes and ensuring it can still be reached by IT managers even if the PC’s operating system has been compromised, Highsmith said.

The engine’s virtualized state can also allow it to act as a gateway of sorts for network traffic and, among other things, allow it to ensure that an infected PC does not get back on to a company’s main network without having been patched and rendered safe, Highsmith said.

Thus, the “virtualization Module is the way to improve the ability to lock down systems and extend the ability to recover them,” he said…

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