Win4Linx vs VMware Workstation 5.5.1 comparison

Enterprise Open Source Magazine published a comparison between Win4Lin 2.7 and VMware Workstation 5.5.1 for Linux.

There are a lot of funny parts with an even funnier conclusion:

While both products behaved as advertised, I had a better feeling about Win4Lin at the end of test. The lukewarm reception I got from VMware left me feeling that if I ever needed support, I might be left hanging.

Despite the fact that VMware performed faster, Win4Lin certainly performed fast enough for me. Also, through no fault of its own, VMware is probably overkill for your average desktop GNU/Linux user. If we desktop users need to use Windows at all, likely a single instance will do.

Lastly, money talks. Since it’s likely that a single Windows instance will do, the $89 Win4Lin Pro price tag is a lot easier to swallow than the $189 tag on VMware.

Read the whole comparison at source.