moka5 to deliver PC virtualization innovation

Quoting from the moka5 official announcement:

moka5 today announced its formation and entry into the desktop virtualization technology business. A spin off from Stanford University’s Computer Science Department, moka5 plans to revolutionize the way consumers and businesses view and use everyday computing environments.

The founding team is comprised of a combination of Stanford University PhDs and seasoned professionals from Microsoft, Sun, Symantec, XenSource and Akamai, to name a few companies. Leading the charge at moka5 is Monica Lam, Professor of Computer Science, currently on leave, from Stanford.

The years of research at Stanford led to the creation of a third-generation system architecture, or LivePC(TM), that delivers optimized PC management, security and mobility.

Based on virtualization, the LivePC technology allows users to work on any operating system, with any applications, on any device in a completely maintained, up-to-date and secure environment. The LivePC opens a new world of work and play where the technology developed allows actively managed computing environments to be run locally on any PC efficiently and transparently. This technology is ideal for businesses, universities and government…

SiliconBeat reports beta product will be available within 90 days.