General Dynamics has acquired Open Kernel Labs, Inc

Yesterday, September 10, General Dynamics declared its acquisition of Open Kernel Labs.
General Dynamics Information Technology, a business unit of General Dynamics, an US aerospace and defense company, provider of mission-focused IT services to defense, intelligence and civilian agencies partnered with Chicago-based Open Kernel Labs, company creator of virtualization software for securing wireless communications, applications and content for mobile devices.
The collaboration is aimed to develop secure computing solutions that would enable to separate and protect government and military classified information from personal data stored on the same commercial device, such as smartphones or tablets used by government employees. The purpuse of the acquisition apparently is to preserve and keep safe classified voice and data communications.
Chris Marzilli, Vice President and President of C4 Systems, General Dynamics Corp.  affirms:
Government and corporate CIOs want the advantages of today’s commercial mobile devices without having to sacrifice the integrity and security of their networks, OK Labs’ market-leading expertise in implementing security on commercial devices delivers ease of use and reduced cost to customers.