Stromasys New CEO: Ling W. Chang

Stromasys, a privately owned Swiss company specialized in cross-platform virtualization solutions, communicated a change in management and corporate structure, announcing the retirement of CEO Jean-Paul Bergmans, based in Geneve, Switzerland and revealing its New CEO from October 1, Ling W. Chang, who will based in New York, USA.
Stromasys new CEO has an important curriculum, she covered both engineering and account management roles, being based in NY would lead to new connections and favorable circumstances as many of its customers are based in US.
The company, founded in 1998 was formed from a management buyout of Digital Equipment Corporation’s (DEC) European Migration and Porting Centre during the HP/Compaq merger. The acquired knowledge conduct to the development of CHARON products. Virtualization with CHARON would allow to increase performance and reduce energy costs, enabling users to keep their existing applications.
Robert Boers, Chairman and Founder of Stromasys, declares:
Starting from an unknown niche market 10 years ago, our CHARONĀ® branded virtual VAX and Alpha products have received wide acceptance. We offer dramatic cost savings by enabling older applications, data, databases, and even product licenses to work seamlessly on new, industry standard computer systems without any modification. With our increasing focus on direct, management level sales, Ling is very well qualified to grow our company, as her organization at HP partnered with Stromasys to increase our mutual share of customers for several years. We thank Jean-Paul for his contributions as COO and CEO over the last years, which has seen a strong growth in sales as well as new products that are about to enter the market. Jean-Paul will assist Ling with the transition and remain on the board of Stromasys.