Quest releases vRanger 5.0 beta 2

Quest software is working on the next release of its backup and recovery product vRanger. The version of the new product will be 5.0 and currently is in beta 2 stage. Version 5.0 will be the follow-up of version 4.5 which was released in May this year. One of the interesting new things in this upcoming release is that the vReplicator product which provides Virtual Machine replication functionality will be integrated in the vRanger product.

vRanger is one of the products Quest integrated after it acquired Vizioncore and the vRanger product will now loose its Vizioncore name as reported by in May this year.

Quest has announced that besides releasing a Pro version also a Standard Edition will be released. This version of the virtual server backup and recovery product will be targeted for SMBs. The Standard Edition will support up to 10 CPUs and offers a subset of the functionality that the Pro version will supply.

New features in vRanger Standard 5:
• NFS (NFS3) backup target support, including Linux, Data-domain and NetApp
• FTP as backup target support

Additional new features in vRanger Pro 5:

• Converged, single-product implementation for vRanger and vReplicator capabilities

    ○ One license key
    ○ One management console
    ○ One deployment

• All current vReplicator capabilities
• Catalog implementation which provides searching and browsing of savepoints (point in time copies)
• Linux File Level Restore
• Restore over Fibre Channel

New features in vReplicator 5:

• AES-256 encryption, at the source
• 64-bit systems support