VMware loses key resources in PR and AR teams

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Somewhere in Q4 2009 VMware lost a significant amount of people in PR and AR departments.

The first one is Melinda Marks, former Senior PR Manager, who left the company in October 2009, after 6 years in VMware.

Marks was one of the key interfaces with the press world and one of the early developers of the VMware’s Global Customer Reference program.
She now has a role as Director of Communications at Qualys, the security vendor that also hired Robert Dell’Immagine, former Director of Community Program at VMware.

In the same period VMware also lost Amber Rowland, Group Manager of Exec and Global Communications.
Rowland is now a consultant for Unity Technologies, a startup focused on 3D and gaming.

The list goes on with Dawn Giusti and Bobbie Laccabue, both former Senior Analyst Relations Managers. Giusti just landed at NetApp, where she is a Senior Manager for Worldwide Analyst Relations.

While VMware continues to use external PR firms in US and Europe to deal with press, analysts and other influencers, it’s not clear yet who replaced these resources inside the company.