Release: VKernel SnapshotMyVM 1.0

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VKernel continues to release little, useful and often free tools for the virtualization community, mimicking the successful marketing approach of Veeam in its early days.

This time the startup launches SnapshotMyVM, a simple utility to automatically document the details (and the performance history) of any VMware Infrastructure 3.5 virtual machine.

The product interacts with vCenter and allows the administrator to select one or more VMs at the same time.
As soon as the process starts, SnapshotMyVM collects all the VM details and populates a report that can be manually modified to improve its accuracy and then exported in XML format.

At that point the report can be imported inside Microsoft Excel or any other tool that can read and manipulate XML sources:

Documenting a virtual infrastructure can be a real pain and today there are a very limited number of solutions available on the market to address the need.
So SnapshotMyVM certainly is worth a check.

Download it for free here.