Leostream Connection Broker to support NoMachine NX protocol

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It’s nice to see that Leostream is finally taking a new direction. Their flagship product is still seriously in need of a major upgrade after one year and a half of hibernation but at least the company is closing new valuable partnerships every two months or so:

and now another technology partnership with NoMachine, to support their NX remote protocol on Connection Broker. 

Leostream may have multiple reasons to support a remote protocol for Linux environments such NX.
First of all the company wants to extend the range of supported infrastructures as much as possible, trying to emulate the success of Provision Networks (acquired by Quest in November 2007).
Secondarily, it wants to find a niche where there are less competitors, and where VMware is not so intrusive.
Last but not least, maybe Leostream hopes that the new Red Hat strategy around KVM will boost the adoption of Linux-based VDI infrastructures and wants to be a frontrunner there.