Lecture at Catalyst Conference 2008

June 25th I’ll be at the Catalyst Conference 2008 in San Diego, giving a lecture on a topic I consider specially important: the security myths and reality of virtualization.

The adoption of virtualization implies a mind shift in the way IT data centers are designed, implemented and managed. But do we also need to change the way they are secured?
Can virtual infrastructures be blindly trusted? Or do they introduce a new level of insecurity that needs protection?
Can we still use the products we invested in, or do we really need a new class of tools?

Easy to imagine, my session will try to answer these key questions.

The virtualization track that Burton Group shaped for this event will feature top speakers like Simon Crosby, CTO at Citrix, Steve Herrod, CTO at VMware, and Winston Bumpus, President of the DMTF, which will demonstrate the OVF support publicly for the first time.

For this reason virtualization.info will report from the conference, publishing interesting news and announcements launched during the sessions (more details about what to expect here).

If you plan to attend and you didn’t register yet there’s a great gift: Burton Group was kind enough to grant virtualization.info readers the Early Bird price.
To use the discount go here and use this code: CAT2008.

And obviously, if you come please stop by and say hello: it’s always a great pleasure to meet virtualization.info readers in person!


(just in case you are interested but cannot attend, I’ll speak at other events this year. My full schedule is here)