Rent-A-Lab welcomes NetApp Rent-A-Lab is our premier on-demand virtual data center located in Zurich, Switzerland.
Less than one month ago we announced a major expansion, with twenty Intel eight-cores (2 CPUs x 4 cores) servers from HP and four storage arrays from Dell EqualLogic, HP and Pillar.

Now we are proud to announce that NetApp SANs has been added as well: a couple of massive FAS3020 with 14 x 320GB ATA drives + 14 x 144GB FC drives are now occupying half of our sixth rack.
The hardware doesn’t come alone: readers will be able to use some very high-class (and very expensive) software like the MetroCluster and the FlexClone.

Additionally, we’ve extended the HP presence in our facility with a couple of EVA 3000, each featuring 14 x 72GB FC drives.

Here’s a picture of the additions (NetApp on the left, HP on the right):

The Rent-A-Lab overall storage capability now exceeds 35TB.
The entire infrastructure (including the software management products) is worth over $1 million which up to three customers can rent at the same time.

How is the experience from different locations worldwide?
To give you an idea we published few testimonials online. More are coming.

So, if you want to test the upcoming VMware Site Recovery Manager (or any other virtualization product on the market) but you don’t want to visit the VMware offices, Rent-A-Lab sounds like one of the best places to go at today.

Check the full equipment list and a short demo.