VMware releases Project North Star (formerly Thinstall) beta 2

VMware continues at fast pace the beta program of the recently acquired Thinstall Application Virtualization Suite, now temporarily called Project North Star.

Today the company releases beta 2 (build 3.386) and introduces two new features:

  • Application Sync
    This feature enables you to deploy Project North Star (Thinstall) application updates. Application Sync automatically checks for and installs updates to your packaged applications. Updates might include changes such as a new version, service pack updates, or configuration changes in the package.ini file
  • Application Link
    This feature connects deployed applications. For example, you can establish a relationship between a deployed instance of Microsoft Office 2003 and a new Microsoft Office plug-in. Application Link enables you to establish a link between applications without having to encapsulate them into the same executable package

Enroll the beta program here.