VMware finalizing VMmark 1.1

In July 2007 VMware released its first benchmarking tool, VMmark, trying to fill a void still existing today: a commonly accepted measurement system to evaluate performance of different virtualization platforms on different hardware (the SPEC is still mum about its plans).

Since that time all major OEMs, Dell, HP IBM and Sun, adopted VMmark and published on VMware website the results for their 4/8/16 cores systems.

Now VMware is about to release a minor update which introduces support for 64bit workloads.
Three of the six virtual servers which compose each VMmark tile are now 64bits: the Java server (running SPECjbb 2005), the database server (running MySQL) and the web server (running SPECweb 2005).

The new version has been distributed to the VMware OEM partners and may be soon available to all customers.