VMware to improve virtualization security with RSA

It’s evident VMware is getting ready to exert its virtualization technologies in another application field after thin computing and datacenter automation: security.

First the company developed a new product for virtual machines patching, Update Manager, which will appear as part of upcoming Virtual Infrastructure 3.5.

Then it almost silently acquired a security firm, Determina, specialized in operating system live patching, which will be integrated in future products releases.

Also, VMware is working on a disaster recovery solution, which may be disclosed at VMworld 2007.

And now Reuters reveals RSA, owned by EMC just like VMware, is working with the virtualization leader to futher enforce virtual machines security:

EMC Corp is working on security products that would work with VMware Inc software, EMC Executive Vice President Arthur Coviello said on Thursday.

Coviello said RSA is “working with VMware to create virtual security layers for whatever images you are trying to access in a virtual environment.”

In last few years EMC has been frequently asked why it never pursued tight integration between its subsidiaries. Maybe the storage giant finally changed its strategy.