Dell and other OEMs working on simplified V2V between AMD and Intel architectures

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A group of vendors including Dell is preparing a new standard that will bridge the gap between Intel and AMD servers in virtualised environments, has learned.

Chipmakers currently enable the live migration of virtual machines between processor generations.

Such cross-generation support, however, is merely a good start, argued Sally Stevens, director of Dell’s enterprise marketing product group.

However, she warned that, although Intel and AMD are best positioned to allow for migrations between their architectures, it is unlikely that the arch rivals will be able to come to an understanding.

She declined to further specify the technology that will be introduced, how it will work or when it will be made available, other than saying that it will be launched “soon”…

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The article is referring to Intel FlexMigration technology, introduced with new quad-core Xeon 7300 line, and AMD-V Extended Migration, to appear in quad-core codename Barcellona.