Podcast: Microsoft acquisition of Softricity

Brian Madden published a 1-hour podcast where him and 4 distinguished guests evaluate recent Microsoft acquisition of Softricity.

During the podcast speakers touched several aspects, with an high focus on Citrix as usual:

  • What this means for Citrix in the short term
  • How the Softricity technology can help Microsoft sell copies of Office
  • That Citrix needs to acquire a WAN optimization provider
  • How Microsoft can use Softricity to facilitate Windows grid computing
  • What Citrix should do with Project Tarpon
  • How Citrix is competing with companies like Cisco and Juniper, and how Citrix could be better positioned then them
  • What this means for Microsoft SMS and Altiris
  • How desktop application deployment and server-based computing technologies are converging

The most interesting thing is that among guests there is Steig Westerberg, CEO of Stream Theory, which filed a lawsuit against Softricity, immediately after the Microsoft acquisition news.

Listen to it here.