Tech: Controlling Virtual Server 2005 R2 with Windows PowerShell

As soon as Windows PowerShell (formerly codename Monad) is approaching final release (at TechEd 2006 Microsoft showed the release candidate build), people start looking for using it in several environments.

One of them is obvliously virtualization where the powerful new shell could automate a lot of tasks (and will eventually do with Windows Server Virtualization and Virtual Machine Manger). The problem is Virtual Server 2005 R2 offers COM interfaces which PowerShell (a .NET application) can’t access.

Luckily Ben Armstrong, helped by the PowerShell team, wrote a precious article on how to handle the whole thing, changing the COM security level.

Could the same be done with upcoming VMware Server, exposing the old GSX Server VmCOM API and a brand new C API?

Update: Ben posted some more details to further simplify the whole thing.