Oglesby, Herold and Madden announce VMWare book

Quoting from Brian Madden:

Ron Oglesby and Scott Herold are two of the most experienced VMWare consultants in the world. I’m happy to annouce that the two of them have gotten together to write a VMWare ESX Server book. I’ll be helping them put the book together and publish it.

We’re taking the same approach with this book that we have with our previous Citrix and Terminal Server books. VMWare ESX Server: Advanced Technical Design Guide will be a real-world architectural field guide that shows you how to design VMWare ESX environments. It will not be a re-hash of the instruction manual, and it will not be filled with screenshots.

It will follow the look and feel of our past books, including the bulleted lists of advantages and disadvantages for each design point.

The book will be available in April 2005. A preview chapter is now available for download. We’ve chosen “Chapter 5: Designing the Guest Environment” as the preview chapter. This huge chapter goes into all the details you need to understand to design a guest environment, including master installation, ISO management, virtual machine networking, controlling resource usage, managing DSK files, and virtual machine deployment.

We’ll bring more chapters online over the next several months. At this point, the final book’s table of contents will look something like this:

Section 1. Introduction to ESX Server
1. VMware Overview
2. ESX Architectural Overview
3. VMware ESX Implementation

Section 2. Infrastructure Design
4. Network and Storage Strategies
5. Designing the Guest Environment
6. Managing the server (Console OS and MUI)

Section 3. VMware in the Enterprise
7. Management and Security
8. High Availability VMware Systems
9. Server sizing and performance optimization
10. Automated Installs and provisioning
11. VMware and Disaster Recovery