Leostream ships Virtual Machine Controller SAN Edition

Quoting from Business Wire:

Leostream Corp., the leading provider of vendor agnostic management software for virtual machine software, today announced shipping of its next generation virtual machine management product, the Leostream Virtual Machine Controller (VMC) SAN Edition.

The Leostream VMC is a software application that provides centralized management and control of “virtual machine” software available from market leaders VMware Inc. of Palo Alto, Calif. and Microsoft of Redmond, WA.

Virtual Machine software carves up large multi-processor servers and divides it into individual and multiple computing units, or “virtual” servers, hence allowing multiple copies of Windows(R) or Linux(R) operating systems to be run simultaneously, and independently, on the same Intel-powered server.

Storage Area Networks (SANs) do an analogous job for computer disk storage – a large pool of storage can be split up into a number of “virtual” disk drives and shared between the servers attached to that SAN.

The Leostream VMC SAN Edition is the first shipping product to integrate the management of Virtual Servers with Virtual Storage in a low cost and easy to use system.

It extends Leostream’s existing Virtual Machine management functionality (management, reporting, and access control) to include a unified view of the virtual storage as opposed to the myopic view of the individual servers.

In addition, it enables “SAN clustering” where a number of servers running virtual machine software are attached to a common SAN in such a way that the hardware failure of one server automatically results in the affected Virtual Machines automatically “failed-over” and restarted on another server in the cluster with the minimum of downtime. Without Leostream the failure of one server can affect 20 or more virtual servers. With Leostream the affected Virtual Machines are quickly rebooted on new hardware, significantly mitigating the effect of hardware failure.

“We designed our SAN solution from the ground up for a virtual machine world. With suitable SANs we can even fail over virtual machines running in one building to a host system running in a building several miles away,” said David Crosbie, Leostream CEO.

Pricing & Availability

The Leostream Virtual Machine Controller SAN edition is available today and priced from U.S. $4,000.