WhatMatrix.com goes Live

virtualization.info has been following Virtualization Matrix since its early steps and we recently wrote about its crowdsourced-powered heir: WhatMatrix.

Today we are happy to report that its community, formed by a number of well known IT professionals, officially launched the website in GA.

WhatMatrix.com provides a comparison engine that, once populated with datapoints by its community members, offers the audience a tool to make IT purchase decisions, create solution proposals and perform technical product research. WhatMatrix currently include comparisons for the following areas: virtualization, Cloud Storage Gateways, End User Computing, Backup for Virtual Environments and SDS & HCI but, because of its crowdsourced, community base is actively seeking new members to further expand.

Marek Bell, WhatMatrix CTO explained:

To make a name for yourself as an IT consultant – even with expert knowledge and the desire to share it – is becoming increasingly difficult in today’s online world. At the same time meaningful, free & curated IT product evaluations are hard to come by and vendors look for new ways to reach their core audience. It took us 18 months of development and community collaboration but we’ve managed to create a self-service platform that successfully combines the best of all worlds. We provide validated content to our users, visibly promote and reward our participating community experts and provide vendors with an industry-unique (patent pending) framework to promote and integrate their products in evaluations and proposals – it’s genuinely a win-win-win for all involved.