Release: Altaro VM Backup V6

Altaro Software, company specialized in backup for virtualized environments, specifically Microsoft Hyper-V, announced the release of Altaro VM Backup, previously known as Altaro Hyper-V Backup, rebranded to introduce VMware Hypervisors support from within the same application.

Altaro, founded in 2009, produces along with Altaro VM Backup also Oops! Backup and Backup FS, backup solutions for SMBs and home users. Oops! Backup is supposed to behave as as a ‘time machine’ for Windows, allowing users to preview and restore versions of their files from different points in time. Backup FS is a backup solution used by small and medium sized businesses looking to protect their Windows Servers and PCs from data loss.

David Vella, CEO of Altaro, declared:

The addition of VMware support in Altaro VM Backup offers us the opportunity to introduce VMware systems administrators to the affordable, easy to use backup software our Hyper-V customers got to know and love. This is an exciting milestone in Altaro’s development and I’m confident this new release will be well received by Hyper-V and VMware users alike.