Release: Parallels Access 3.0 with Apple Watch Support Capabilities

On August 5, Parallels announced that it has released an update to Parallels Access app for remote access. The American virtualization technology company has added file sharing support to its remote desktop for PCs and Macs, with both iOS and Android platform, the update allows users to share large files without the need of a cloud service and managing everything directly from the desktop agent, furthermore with this version 3.0 it has also introduced support to the Apple Watch with an app allowing its users to have remote connection from the wrist device.

Parallels Access is focusing on the transformation of the mobile devices into computing machines by granting them to run any application, edit documents, and search through and access all the files on a remote computer through a universal file manager.

Among the highlights of the release:

Additional Features for Both Android and iOS Include:
•    Universal File Manager with local file support, cloud storage, file previews and access to photos
•    New “remoteless” connection for File Manager–connect to a computer to access files without taking over the screen
•    Ability to transfer files from a remote computer to other apps on iOS and Android
•    Enhanced file preview for files on a remote computer–now supports Microsoft Office files
•    Improved Wake-on-LAN feature which offers additional ways to wake a remote computer
•    Ability to work with multiple monitors in a web-browser session from a remote computer allowing the user to switch between available displays, or see them all at once
•    Access to photos on a mobile device from the desktop agent, including the ability to take photos and copy them to a remote computer

Additional Updates for iOS Only Include:
•    Universal support for portrait and landscape for enhanced usability
•    New OneDrive support for cloud storage in addition to existing support for Google Drive and Dropbox providing consumers additional options
•    File previews in icons through File Manager for easier navigation
•    64-bit support for new CPU architecture on iOS devices

Jack Zubarev, president of Parallels, said:

The need to do more on mobile devices has been a growing trend among both consumers and business professional alike. Our latest Parallels Access update brings new features that make it easier than ever before to get work done with native touch gestures on mobile devices, as well as from any computer with a web browser, Parallels Access makes every application and file on your remote work and home computers available at your fingertips no matter where you are, so you can be productive on the go.