VMware announces new SaaS offering for building, delivering and managing desktops and applications

A day before the start of Citrix annual Synergy conference, rival VMware announced project Enzo. Project Enzo is the name of a new Software as a Service offering from VMware which will help customers build, deliver and manage desktops and applications. Enzo will run on vCloud Air, A qualified public beta of Project Enzo will be available later in the summer of 2015.

Enzo consists of a so called Control Plane providing a single pane of glass which works in combination with Smart Nodes, an orchestration layer that sits on hyper converged infrastructure appliances from VMware and its partner ecosystem.


Appliances with Enzo Smart Node software now only have to be hooked up to the Control Plane, therefore no more installation is needed before you can use the appliance. The Smart Node technology will come fully integrated into the next-generation EVO:RAIL, and future EVO:RACK solutions from VMware.

The solution will also make use of Instant Clone technology, integrated with App Volumes and User Environment Management. This allows for updates to be applied instantly to windows images and applications.