VMware hires new CIO: Bask Iyer, former Juniper Networks

On February 24 VMware disclosed that the former chief information officer of Juniper Networks, Bask Iyer, was elected as the new CIO at VMware. Iyer is taking Tony Scott position who joined VMware on August 2013 and is been nominated now as United States Chief Information Officer as Scott mentions on article he wrote few days ago for VMware’s blog.

Bask Iyer is scheduled to join VMware on March 23, covering as a member of the Executive staff as well and he is going to manage VMware’s global information and technology organization, supporting the business operations, reporting to Jonathan Chadwick, VMware’s CFO, COO, and executive vice president.
As described on Iyer’s Linkedin Account, he has over 25 years of experience in IT management, before his position at  Juniper Networks, he served as chief information officer at Honeywell, and chief information officer at GlaxoSmithKline Beecham for consumer healthcare research and development.

Jonathan Chadwick, chief financial officer, chief operating officer and executive vice president, VMware, said:

Bask has extensive experience as a strategic and operational leader. He will play a pivotal role in leading VMware and helping our customers as we deliver the reality of the Software Defined Enterprise, we are excited to have Bask join the VMware executive team and an all-star group of IT professionals.

Bask Iyer commented on his new position at VMware:

I am thrilled to lead information technology for VMware and join the team that helps VMware meet the needs of more than 500,000 customers worldwide, and, I am excited by the opportunity to showcase VMware’s suite of exceptional products as a central component of VMware’s own IT solution.