Release: Oracle VM 3.3.2

Oracle has released version 3.3.2 of its enterprise virtualizatoin solution. The virtualization solution is available for both x86 and SPARC based processor architectures and uses the Xen hypervisor technology, supporting Windows, Linux and Oracle Solaris guests. Version 3.3.2 is considered a maintenance release and can be installed on top of Oracle VM 3.3.1 environments.

Oracle VM consists of 2 main components, the Oracle VM Manager, which is a web based console used to manage Oracle VM Servers, which is a server running a version of the Xen hypervisor containing a VM agent which communicates with VM Manager.

Some of the changes introduced with version 3.3.2 (as outlined in the change log):

  • Performance improvements of the Oracle VM Manager UI by caching "Job states".
  • Support for importing Oracle VM Templates which are created according to the OVF 2.1 specifications.
  • A rule was added to prevent a virtual network interface card (VNIC) change in the network while the virtual machine is running.
  • Performance improvements to lower the CPU load of the MySQL process
  • Fixes a user interface issue when cloning Oracle VM templates using Internet Explorer 9.
  • Fixes the issue where a successfully launched Job is killed after multiple launch attempts.