The other side

I’m thrilled to announce that I recently accepted a position in Red Hat as Cloud Management Strategy Director. I joined the Strategy Team led by Alessandro Perilli in Red Hat’s Management Business Unit.

When Alessandro left and at the end of 2010 to join Gartner, I inherited the editorial control and we didn’t have the possibility to work together for the next 4 years. It’s great to finally have that chance.
This role will give me a great opportunity to apply what my customers taught me over the past 10 years to help shaping better solutions to real world problems.

In my career I have been involved in a number of large-scale enterprise projects, translating business needs into technical capabilities. I always worked for end user organizations, assessing vendors and system integrators, comparing hundreds of products to find the best solution for the most disparate use cases.

Now, for the first time, I’ll work for a vendor, finally capable to influence how solutions are shaped to better match the needs of the end user organizations I served for so long.

Why Red Hat? The world changed a lot in the last 10 years. Open source, once feared by enterprises, has been slowly accepted and it’s now being actively considered for mission-critical projects. Thanks to web-scale leaders like Google, Facebook, Netflix and hundreds of others, any IT organization in the world now sees open source as a viable technology platform. Going forward, I expect open source to take an increasingly larger role.
Red Hat is a pure-play open source company (in fact the only one), posed to become a leader in this new world, one of the very few with the credibility and the skills necessary to bring the open source cloud to the enterprises. was launched in 2003, in 2010. Both shared the same, ambitious goal: tracking the whole virtualization and cloud computing markets while keeping an impartial point of view.
Accordingly, I have to step down as Chief Editor for both publications, preserving the unbiased perspective that our readers appreciated in over 11 years. I’ll leave the wheel to the expert hands of Kenneth, Paola and the new editors that will be announced in the next few months.

The .infonews network, which publishes and, now includes almost 7,000 pages of content. Nearly 1 million readers per year follow our news through web, email newsletters, RSS feeds and social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and professional networks like LinkedIn. I like to think that we have done and we are still doing a valuable job contributing to narrating how build an historic archive of how virtualization and cloud computing markets were born, have emerged, and ultimately became mainstream technologies.

I want to thank all our readers who trusted and trust us, contributing with their comments and corrections over the years I also want to thank our advertisers that believe in our work and support us. And of course, a big thank you goes to all marketing teams and PR teams across the hundreds of vendors we cover, the analysts, our business partners and everyone else who worked with me in the last three years to achieve our incredible results .. see you on the other side!