Paper: Windows Server Technical Preview Step-by-Step Guide Storage Quality of Service

Microsoft has released a paper titled:”Windows Server Technical Preview Step-by-Step Guide: Storage Quality of Service“. The paper which contains 16 pages covers a new Windows Server technology which became available with the Technical Preview of the next version of Windows Server.

Storage Quality of Service (Storage QoS) in Windows Server Technical Preview provides a way to centrally monitor and manage storage performance for virtual machines using Hyper-V and the Scale-Out File Server roles. The feature automatically improves storage resource fairness between multiple virtual machines using the same file server cluster and allows specific Minimum and Maximum performance goals to be configured in units of normalized IOPs.


The paper contains the following sections:

  • Summary
  • Goals & Behaviors
  • Background
  • Scenario 1: Enabling Storage QoS and basic performance monitoring
  • Scenario 2: Creating and monitoring with policies
  • Known Issues