Release: Oracle VM 3.3

Oracle has released version 3.3 of its enterprise virtualizatoin solution. The virtualization solution is available for both x86 and SPARC based processor architectures and uses the Xen hypervisor technology, supporting Windows, Linux and Oracle Solaris guests.

Oracle VM consists of 2 main components, the Oracle VM Manager, which is a web based console used to manage Oracle VM Servers, which is a server running a version of the Xen hypervisor containing a VM agent which communicates with VM Manager.


Version 3.3. provides the following new functionality (see release notes):

  • Web Services API (WS-API) that offers both SOAP and REST interfaces
  • Rewritten Oracle VM Manager Web Interface and Command Line Interface (CLI) to support the WS-API
  • Statistics and events model improvements
  • Support for Huge Pages
  • VM Messaging improvements
  • Reduction of number of required open network ports
  • Possibility to view the VM configuration file from the Web Interface and CLI
  • New VM console which uses JavaScript and HTML5
  • Bundled with MySQL Database Enterprise Edition
  • Migration lock functionality
  • VLAN support improvements
  • Support for additional storage types like Fibre Channel, iSCSI, ZFS volume and local disk in addtion to NFS for VM running in a SPARC server
  • Oracle VM Server Installer now handles all disk partitioning itself
  • Oracle VM Manager infrastructure changes
  • Oracle VM Server infrastructure changes