Release: VMware Workstation 11 & Fusion 7 Technology Preview 2014

This week VMware has provided access to the Technology Preview 2014 of its desktop virtualization platforms: Workstation 11 and Fusion 7.

The main highlights of this preview on both platforms are:

  • VMware Hardware Version 11 that allows the creation of VMs with up to 16 virtual CPUs, fully supports Intel Haswell and AMD Jaguar and is compatible with Intel Broadwell and AMD Steamroller. This new version is also compliant with xHCI 1.0 specification and have a better support for USB 3.0 and introduces the ability to configure dedicated graphics memory for each guest operating system.
  • Better support for Windows 8 / 8.1 virtual machines.

In addition VMware Workstation 11 introduces some improvement in Windows 8 Unity mode and the ability to boot virtual machines with EFI and VMware Fusion 7 allows to configure integrated or discrete graphics cards on Mac Book Pros with more than one GPU and adds the support for multi-monitor configurations where one monitor is a Retina-class display.

Following this links you can download both VMware Workstation 11 and VMware Fusion 7 Technology Previews.