VMware announces Q1 vExperts 2014

VMware vExpert is the program, started in 2009, that “rewards” the individuals who has been recognized as active contributors of the community that rotates around the VMware ecosystem.

The program provides three possible paths: Evangelist, Customer and VPN (VMware Partner Network) in order to include all the bloggers, book authors, speakers, tool developers, etc. who wish to apply for this annual award.

Yesterday VMware announced the first round of 2014 vExperts through a post on the VMTN blog and I would like to congratulate with Kenneth, Marcel and, in for the first time, myself for being on this list (.. and, of course, with all of those who are there with us).

Even if our first objective is always the vendor-neutrality of virtualization.info and cloudcomputing.info the reward for our daily efforts is always welcome.

Given that, for the first year, the vExperts will be nominated quarterly, anyone who wants to apply for Q2 voting can use the following link: http://bit.ly/LMJqB5.