Oracle releases beta of Oracle VM 3.3

Oracle last week released a beta version of the upcoming version 3.3 of its enterprise virtualization solution Oracle VM. Oracle VM is available for both x86 and SPARC with a common management tool called Oracle VM Manager to manage the virtualization platform.

Version 3.3. provides the following new features:

  • Web Services API offering both SOAP and REST interfaces
  • Rewritten statistics and events model
  • Server notification thresholding
  • VM API Messaging improvements
  • Certificate Based Authentication
  • Changes to how communication between components takes place, reducing attack vectors
  • Support for Oracle MySQL Enterprise database only
  • Database consistency checking
  • VM Console now uses JavaScript and HTML 5
  • Better representation of network bridge and switch objects
  • VLAN support improvements
  • Support for HTTP Proxies
  • SPARC support additions:
    • Support for iSCSI, FibreChannel, ZFS and Local Disk for VM Assignment
    • Package Management and SPARC Upgrades
    • Support for HA Virtual Machines
    • Network Support improvements, like Active-Backup bonding, VLAN integration, Jumbo Frames and MTU configuration