Book: Microsoft System Center: Building a Virtualized Network Solution

Microsoft has released a free eBook titled: "Microsoft System Center: Building a Virtualized Network Solution". The book is written by Nigel Cain, Alvin Morales, Michel Luescher, Damian Flynn and Mitch Tulloch as a series editor and contains 121 pages covering the concepts of virtualized network solutions from Microsoft. Network Virtualization decouples virtual networks from the physical network infrastructure and removes the constraints and limitations of VLANs and hierarchical IP address assignment from virtual machine provisioning.


The book is written for architects and cloud fabric administrators who want to understand what decisions they need to make during the design process and the implications of those decisions, what constitutes best practice, and, ultimately, what they need to do in order to build out a virtualized network solution that that meets today’s business requirements while also providing a platform for future growth and expansion.

The book contains the following chapters:

  • Key Concepts
  • Logical Networks
  • Port profiles
  • Logical switches
  • Deployment
  • Operations