Goliath Technologies extends support for VMware

Goliath Technologies, headquartered in Philadelphia, PA, provider of a proactive system management solutions for physical, virtual and cloud infrastrucure, with customers worldwide including ADP, ING Direct, NASA, Thompson Reuters and Shell, announced on January 14 wider support for monitoring VMware storage components via direct API integration to the hypervisor. With this update the company now delivers new dashboards and alerting capabilities on hosts, virtual machines and data store metrics from the VMware hypervisor.

Goliath Technologies product, MonitorIT, offers the possibility to manage the VMware Infrastructure through its prebuilt dashboards to give an out of the box visibility into storage performance, allowing IT administrators to improve and enhance servers, hypervisors and VMs, alterting in case of a storage deficiency before end users might be affected.

Raja Jadeja, VP Technical Operations at Goliath Technologies, said:

We enable our customers to become operationally proactive in managing their VMware environments because of MonitorIT’s direct integration into the hypervisor, coupled with our Intelligent Agent Technology, which delivers application and operating system level metrics in one product, we have further enhanced our market leading technology with out of the box real time performance graphs and reports relating to VMware storage components, which we are happy to announce today.