Release: ConVirt Enterprise and ConVirt Enterprise Cloud with Hyper-V support

Convirture has announced a new release of its management platform called ConVirt Enterprise extended with the support for Microsoft Hyper-V. ConVirt Enterprise is now able to manage multiple Hyper-V hosts and virtual machines, this comes in addition to existing support for major virtualization platforms like KVM, Xen and VMware.

ConVirt Enterprise Cloud aims to be a unique solution for virtual machine and cloud management, in order to maintain exclusive control of both on premises and cloud computing platforms, from OpenStack to Amazon EC2.

Furthermore ConVirt is meant to be able to create a converged infrastructure view that makes pooling resources across different virtualization and cloud infrastructures, in order to allow users to control, allocate and customize them in a centralized and simplified way.

Among the features of ConVirt Enterprise management of Hyper-V:

• A centralized view of resource information for each virtual machine – Microsoft’s own Hyper-V Manager is optimized for basic management of virtual machines running on a single host.  However, as the number of hosts (and virtual machines) increases, a management console for each host becomes unwieldy. ConVirt delivers centralized management, without the significant investment in System Center VMM or an alternative.

• Self-service virtualization management – Many IT managers want to provide the ability for their users to create and operate their own virtual machines within prescribed parameters. A ConVirt Virtual Data Center (VDC) is a web-based, self-service console that provides end users with the ability to manage a pre-defined set of virtual, cloud or physical machines. IT administrators define the compute, network, storage, quota, and user requirements for these self-service Virtual Data Centers, then ConVirt automatically assembles and provisions the VDC from the available pool of resources in the data center.

• Unified virtualization and cloud management – Data centers are increasingly heterogeneous, with more than one type of virtualization technology. ConVirt effectively manages multiple hypervisors, including. VMware, Hyper-V, KVM, and Xen. In addition, ConVirt extends its management capabilities outward to public cloud platforms such as Amazon EC2, OpenStack and Eucalyptus. By normalizing the functionality across these platforms up to a “highest common denominator” level, ConVirt can apply a standardized set of management tools and capabilities across them from a single point of control.

ConVirt Enterprise and ConVirt Enterprise Cloud with Hyper-V support are now available with a volume pricing for an annual subscription starting from $449.