Paper: Getting Started with OpenStack and VMware vSphere

VMware has released a paper titled: “Getting Started with OpenStack and VMware vSphere“. The paper which contains 21 pages, it is a guide targeted towards the implementation and use of OpenStack on top of a vSphere compute and storage infrastructure that becomes the provider of Nova compute instances and Cinder block storage volumes.
In this guide is leveraged the VMware OpenStack Virtual Appliance, a single Ubuntu Linux VM with all the required OpenStack services, in order to semplify the deployment.

The paper contains the following sections:

  • Introduction
    • VMware vSphere
    • OpenStack
    • Using OpenStack with vSphere
      • OpenStack and vSphere: Conceptual Analogies
    • The VMware OpenStack Virtual Appliance
  • Requirements
    • vSphere Requirements
      • vSphere Inventory: Single Datacenter
      • Cluster: Automated VMware vSphere Storage DRS
      • Storage: Shared
      • Networking
        • Port Groups and VLANs
        • ESXi Firewall
        • DHCP Server
  • Installation
    • Importing VOVA
    • Configuring VOVA
    • Starting VOVA
    • Configuring the VMware vSphere Web Client Plug-in for OpenStack
  • Managing OpenStack with the Horizon Web Interface
    • Logging In – Web
    • Logging In – SSH/CLI
    • Flavor of the Day
    • Launching an Instance
    • Accessing the Console for an Instance
    • Managing Storage
      • Adding Persistent Storage to an Instance
      • Removing Persistent Storage from an Instance
      • Adding the Persistent Storage to Another Instance
    • Network