.infonews welcomes Marcel van den Berg as a team member

The years passes by and, since virtualization.info started to track virtualization market in 2003 and cloudcomputing.info, its sister publication, the cloud computing market in 2010, our team evolved as these markets themselves have done.

Alessandro, founder and former chief editor of both publications, joined Gartner as Research Director, Claudio was hired from Google and others were absorbed from Fortune 500 companies or founded their own, these successes confirm the talent of those who contributed and who are still contributing to our mission: tracking the evolution of virtualization and cloud computing markets, as well as their technology impact in the IT world, offering ahead of the curve, exhaustive coverage of both industries.

Today I’m pleased to welcome in our team Marcel van den Berg a well-known professional in the world of virtualization and cloud computing.

As well as a great professional Marcel is an expert blogger and writes since 2009 in his personal blog up2v.nl, covering, among the others, VMware and Microsoft products, here is his resume:

Marcel van den Berg started his IT-career in 1990. His career developed from being an all-round system engineer to a senior consultant role with a strong focus on server virtualization and cloud computing. During many projects Marcel designed and built infrastructures based on VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V.

His passion for technology and sharing knowledge is shown since 2009 on the website up2v.nl. Marcel is currently writing a book on hybrid cloud computing discussing Windows Azure.

To see more details about his professional background check http://www.linkedin.com/pub/marcel-van-den-berg/3/665/468

To contact Marcel send an email to marcel {dot} van {dot} den {dot} berg {at} virtualization {dot} info

Another great welcome and good luck to Marcel, new member of the .infonews team!