Release: Splunk App for VMware 3.0

Yesterday, August 20, Splunk announced the availability of Splunk App for VMware, the application that provides administrators with a real-time insights of the virtualized environment, analyzing and identifying performance and capacity bottlenecks.

The Splunk App for VMware 3.0  provides real-time granular visibility into VMware environments across hosts, virtual machines and virtual centers based on pre-defined thresholds and pre-packaged log analyses.

Among the features:

  • Correlate data from the virtual infrastructure with data from applications, operating systems, physical hardware and networks for end-to-end visibility.
  • Visualize the operational health of the VMware environment with near real-time identification of underperforming/distressed hosts, virtual machines and data stores.
  • Access interactive, visual maps of their virtual environments, highlighting problems and emphasizing statistical comparisons of performance metrics.
  • Gain visibility into potential security breaches and non-compliant usage patterns.
  • Analyze resource consumption and optimize capacity to gain operational efficiencies.
  • Allow historical analyses and troubleshooting with granular performance metrics and log data all in one place, directly collected from Virtual Centers and via syslog.
  • Gain access to fast query performance for rapid data exploration on massive data volumes.
  • Track changes with visibility into vCenter tasks and events in the context of their virtual environment performance metrics, logs and topology.

Leena Joshi, senior director of solutions marketing, Splunk, declared:

The Splunk App for VMware showcases Splunk’s leadership in providing deep levels of analytics across the entire infrastructure. With more than 25 out-of-the-box reports, the Splunk App for VMware shines a light on the entire virtual infrastructure and enables administrators to quickly resolve issues and get deeper analytics about the health, security and capacity of their environments, with Splunk software, customers can achieve a broad, central view of key performance indicators across the entire data center, not just the virtualization layer. This helps ensure improved user satisfaction and effective resource planning as well as the ability to track changes, control costs and eliminate vulnerabilities.