Bogomil Balkansky, former Sr VP Cloud Infrastructure Products left VMware

Apparently the diaspora from VMware is not finished yet. VMware Vice President of Cloud Infrastructure Products, Bogomil Balkansky, left the company apparently about a month ago and has been replaced on his role by John Gilmartin, who was previously VP of VMware’s storage business.

Lately various Directors left VMware, such as Jerry Chen or Rick Jackson, who were former vice president of cloud services and Chief Marketing Officer at VMware before joining respectively Greylock and Rackspace.

A part from Bogomil Balkansky, we didn’t hear of any replacement and we are wondering if VMware is hiring new VPs or CMO or what is going on with the company.

According to what Barbara Darrow wrote in her article on Gigaom:

While some of this attrition is to be expected given VMware’s new focus on its enterprise cloud offerings, there is also a feeling that VMware is at a critical juncture. Its core hypervisor business is under pressure from increasingly capable (and cheaper) competitors — Microsoft Hyper-V and KVM, which is backed by Red Hat.

In addition, vCloud Director hasn’t set the world on fire among hosting companies, telcos and cloud providers who also see cheaper virtualization and management options. And the big service providers that used to be among VMware’s tightest collaborators now see that looming VMware cloud as another competitive threat.