Release: VMTurbo Operations Manager 4.0

VMTurbo today released version 4.0 of its virtualization management platform Operations Manager. This release is the follow up of version 3.3 which was released in February this year.

Version 4.0 offers extensions for monitoring storage and hybrid clouds.

The Storage extension, which is available as of today provides:

  • Greater control over storage resource allocation and configuration in support of virtualized workloads;
  • A mapping of the relationship between virtualized workloads and associated storage components;
  • Greater awareness of constraints, such as snapshot reservations, RAID configurations, storage efficiency features like thin provisioning and deduplication, controller load, storage IO capabilities, and other storage characteristics.

The Hybrid Cloud extension, which is available for VMTurbo customers in a Early Access program will enable workloads to seamlessly span on- and off-premises infrastructure to address peak demands by automatically determining what workloads should run in private or public cloud infrastructure, such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. It will provide specific guidance regarding the “what, when and where” of running workloads in private, public, or combined cloud infrastructures.

Besides the extensions, the product itself provides the following new features:

  • Storage Tiering Support – Operations Manager discovers storage policies and limits recommendations accordingly. For example, if a virtual machine uses storage that is within a storage cluster, all recommended actions are constrained by its cluster.
  • High Availability Support – Operations Manager recognizes and respects dedicated- and shared-failover vSphere HA configurations in the HA cluster. This makes Operations Manager more accurate in resource allocation and workload placement decision-making.
  • Enhanced Multi-Tenancy – Operations Manager offers more flexibility for service providers to manage views and/or metrics within views that are shared with subscribers.
  • Workload Health View – The Workload View gives a unique perspective on the distribution of workloads throughout the virtual estate. It provides an at-a-glance view regarding how workloads are utilized, and how these virtual machines utilize their underlying host and storage resources.
  • Dashboard Export to PDF

Operations Manager is provided in an Enterprise Edition and a Cloud Edition, also a free Virtual Health Monitor version is provided which was released last month. Besides the announced storage and hybrid cloud extensions, VMTurbo also provides an Application Performance Management module. Pricing starts at $699 per physical CPU socket.  The Storage Extension starts at $599 per CPU socket and is generally available.