Release: Login Virtual Session Indexer 4.0

Login VSI has released version 4 of its vendor independent Login Virtual Session Indexer (VSI) benchmarking utility. Login VSI measures the performance and scalability of Virtual Desktop Infrastructures (VDI) and Server Based Computing (SBC) environments by simulating unique user workloads. Eventually developed as a free tool by Login Consultants to benchmark systems for use with Project Virtual Reality Check, Login VSI evolved into a company of its own and has become a commonly used benchmarking tool used by different vendors nowadays. Login VSI is provided for free as an Express Edition, there is also a Pro edition which is supported by Login VSI.

Version 4.0 provides the following new functionality (among others):

  • 90% test image footprint reduction
  • Centralization of management, updates and logging
  • Direct Desktop Launch mode allowing larg scale testing with minimal infrastructure
  • New user interface offering wizard based test configurations
  • New workload editor
  • Improved test realism, adjusting duration of standard workloads from 14 to 48 minutes loops.
  • A new dashboard offering real-time test feedback, including progress, launched and active sessions, elapsed time and time left of the test in progress
  • Further refinement of the VSImax index