5nine announces Release Candidate of SCVMM Extensions for Security Manager

5Nine has announced a release candidate of a new extension which will hook the 5nine Security Manager functionality into Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager. 5nine Security Manager provides an agentless Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware and Virtual Firewall solution.

The solution is a combination of multiple protection modules managed centrally, including anti-virus (based on Sophos Anti-Virus Enterprise engine), anti-malware, IDS, web application protection, log inspection and programmatic virtual firewall.

Using the SCVMM extensions, all 5nine Security Manager functionality can be enabled through the SCVMM controls:

  • Security Manager Global Rules. Allows user to edit global filtering rules.
  • Virtual Firewall Management and Monitoring Management. Allows a user to enable or disable firewalling, monitoring and protection for individual VMs.
  • Anti-Virus Management – Managing VMs Anti-Virus state. (Allows a user to enable or disable the Anti-Virus state for VM).
  • Anti-Virus schedule management. Allows a user to view and manage the Anti-Virus schedules