Release: Dell vWorkspace 8.0

Dell has released version 8 of its VDI connection broker software vWorkspace. This is the first release rebranded under the Dell brand after Quest was acquired by Dell in September last year.

Version 8 of vWorkspace supports Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8, and Dell claims that by using the new RemoteFX/RDP8 capabilities of this platform it can reduce bandwidth consumption with 80%. Windows 8 is supported as a VDI platform and vWorkspace Connector platform.


Version 8.0 provides the following new functionality:

  • Full Support for Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8
  • Enhanced Hyper-V Catalyst Components
    • Automatic optimization of HyperCache configuration
    • HyperDeploy providing optimization of storage of virtual desktops which are either persistent or non-persistent
    • Improved support for Cluster Shared Volumes (CSV) by both HyperCache and HyperDeploy
  • Monitoring of User Experience of live sessions and past user sessions
  • Integration of Foglight for Virtual Desktops into the vWorkspace Management Console
  • Reporting Improvements, farm utilization, Managed Applications usage, process utilization, and more
  • Multi-Tenancy Support
  • Anonymous User Support
  • Integration of Quest Password Manager
  • EOP Flash Acceleration Improvements

More added functionality can be found in the what’s new documentation.