Paper: VMware View Infrastructure Resiliency

VMware has released a paper titled: “VMware View Infrastructure Resiliency: VMware View 5 and VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager“. The paper which contains 15 pages provides insight and information on how to increase availability and recoverability of a View infrastructure using VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager (SRM) and common disaster recovery (DR) tools and methodologies.


The paper contains the following sections:

  • Architectural Overview
    • Management Block
    • Desktop Block
  • Creating a Disaster Recovery Solution for VMware View
    • Logic Architecture Overview
    • Failover Procedure for Floating Linked Clone Desktops
    • Failover Procedure for Persistent Linked Clone Desktops
    • Failover of Persistent Linked Clone Desktops with Persistent Disks
  • Conclusion

This case study shows how to achieve VMware View resiliency by leveraging basic vSphere High Availability and vCenter Site Recovery Manager functionality. This solution allows for disaster recovery of floating virtual desktops, linked clone persistent desktops, and persistent linked clone desktops with persistent user data disks. By virtualizing all management components and following the described procedures, you can implement a simple and effective disaster recovery strategy.

Thanks to Duncan Epping for providing the news