Release: Citrix Access Gateway

Citrix released CloudGateway 2.5 and together is releasing Citrix Access Gateway 10-0-71.6014 e

Citrix CloudGateway is the Citrix Enterprise Mobility offering and Citrix Access Gateway provides remote access to the whole infrastructure.

The remote access solution Access Gateway offers Receiver configuration using Email based discovery and integrats with Storefront and AppController.

New features with this release:

  1. Seamless Desktop Receiver experience: With this release of Access Gateway, end users will no longer have to sign into their Access Gateway plug-ins as a manual step, to access apps / sites that require a full SSL tunnel. Receivers automatically launch a SSL VPN session via Access Gateway as needed. Result is – end user just deals with Citrix Receiver and Receiver internally (and automatically) deals with Access Gateway on user’s behalf.
  2. EPA with ICAProxy / CVPN: Receivers can now seamlessly launch AG plug-ins to connect to an Access Gateway vServer configured with End Point Analysis policies, in ICAProxy and CVPN modes as well. Earlier, this was supported only for Full Tunnel access.
  3. Session Sharing: Receiver and AG plug-in have always been two separate entities, and because of that, they establish two parallel sessions with Access Gateway. With this release, we have added the smarts in our Receiver and Access Gateway integration, to understand each other, and be able to share the same session with Access Gateway appliance. Good News – this now leads to simplified access from end user perspective, and optimal session/license consumption from Administrator perspective.
  4. Device Wipe/Lock support for AppController: With CloudGateway 2.5, AppController is launching the ability to register and track mobile devices via AppController. These registered mobile devices can then be locked / wiped, if the need be. Access Gateway now has the ability to support this functionality when the devices are external to the enterprise.
  5. UI Theme Customization: With this release of Citrix Access Gateway, administrators will now be able to apply UI themes to their Access Gateways. Themes can be selected from amongst: Citrix Default Theme, Citrix Receiver Green Bubble Theme and Custom. Note that Custom theme can only be applied, but the customization of the web pages, to build this custom theme, continues to be a manual process.