Paper: Dell DVS Reference Architecture for Windows Server 2012 v1.1

Dell already a while ago released a paper titled: "Dell DVS Reference Architecture for Windows Server 2012 v1.1". The paper which contains 49 pages describes the Dell Desktop Virtualization Solutions (DVS) reference architecture consisting of DELL servers running Windows Server 2012 and DELL networking, – storage, -software and DELL endpoints.

The paper describes the detailed design and its constraints, the hardware requirements, the risks, issues, assumptions and concessions, a breakdown into key elements and a scaling and component selection guidance. For workload testing Login VSI was used as a testing suite, and Stratusphere UX from Liquidware Labs was used to monitor end-user experience.


The paper contains the following sections:

  • Introduction
  • Solution Architecture overview, containing Physical Architecture overview, Layouts and Breakpoints and Cabling Diagrams
  • Hardware Components, containing Network, Servers, Storage and End Points
  • Solution Architecture for Microsoft Remote Desktop Services, containing an overview, compute and management server infrastructure, the storage architecture, Hyper-V configuration, High Availability, Application Virtualization, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity and RDS Data flow
  • Pooled VDI Performance Analysis Results
  • Remote Desktop Session Peformance Analysis Results
  • Combined RDVH and RDSH on Single Host