Release: Lanamark DR Capacity Planning Module 1.0

Lanamark last week announced that it has released a new module called the DR Capacity Planning Module, to be included into its Lanamark Suite paid Services Edition. The module allows cloud and virtualization solution providers to design fault-tolerant, multi-site DR solutions for server workloads and virtual desktops across public, private and hybrid clouds.

The DR Capacity Planning module integrates with the Hybrid Cloud Design Module and Desktop Transformation Module. It enables site recovery planning with unidirectional protection from a primary to a secondary site, bidirectional protection between sites and multisite recovery to a shared DR site. Each group of users and machines can be assigned to a recovery site and disaster recovery plans for shutting down low priority server workloads and virtual desktops can be defined to free up resources during failover. These settings are then used to optimize infrastructure capacity and model failover scenarios while meeting specified DR policies and service level agreements.