Riverbed Steelhead EX integrates VMware vSphere

On October 3, Riverbed Technology, announced the integration of VMware vSphere inyo its Riverbed Steelhead EX model appliances.

Riverbed implements virtualization, consolidation, cloud computing, and disaster recovery, to build an IT architecture that would permit to align with the business needs of the organization.

The integration would permit Riverbed Steelhead WAN optimization appliances to manage centralized virtual data centers, allowing to distribute virtualized environments and enabling them to extend.

Allwyn Sequeira, vice president and CTO, Networking and Security, VMware, said:

Riverbed is a strategic partner that shares our software-defined data center vision. The software-defined data center is designed to deliver on the promise of an agile, elastic, efficient, and reliable virtualized IT environment. Riverbed is extending the vision by projecting software-defined infrastructure to the edge where it can be managed and provisioned centrally while delivering a local area network (LAN) experience

John Martin, senior vice president of product management at Riverbed, declares:

Riverbed is extending the ability for enterprises to operate and deliver IT services at the edge, with this new solution, enterprises can deploy servers in the data center but execute at the edge. This allows them to quickly create complete virtual data centers, simplify management and provisioning while also extending those same benefits to branch offices.