Release: HyTrust Appliance 3.0

HyTrust is going to announce this week HyTrust Appliance 3.0

Californian company HyTrust delivers control and compliance for virtualization and cloud infrastructure, the HyTrust Appliance is a VMware vSphere-compatible virtual appliance and it can be deployed on the same hypervisor that it is actively protecting.

We received an anticipation of the news from Contos Dunne Communications, the press release states that among the new features it is included Secondary Approval, an element that enforces the two-person rule, that would be able to prevent any kind of risk to virtual machines, critical applications, data, and business operations.

HyTrust Appliance 3.0, would permit to have a great control over management and security of virtualization and, at the same time, ensuring compliance with regulatory mandates.

The HyTrust Appliance is available in multiple editions, including a free Community Edition that protects up to 3 hosts.

Eric Chiu, founder and president, HyTrust, explains

According to US Air Force Instruction (AFI) 91-104, the two-person rule was designed to prevent the accidental or malicious launch of nuclear weapons by a single individual. Similarly, HyTrust’s new Secondary Approval feature mandates designated approvers authorise high-impact operations prior to users with administration privileges being able to execute actions that can impact the business or even bring down the entire data center. Without proper controls in place, the expansion of virtualisation will continue to grow, but we’ll see, in parallel, security and compliance concerns increase correspondingly.