Broadcom announces New Server Network Virtualization Acceleration Technology

Broadcom Corporation, the fabless semiconductor company for wired and wireless communications, announced last August 28 at VMworld the new NetXtreme® II server network virtualization (NV) acceleration technology for VXLAN implementations.
The new server platform with Smart NV tech developped by Broadcom in collaboration with VMware, should improve server performance by 55 percent, it also should have the ability to scale multi-tenant networks with VXLAN, enabling logical, software-based networks that can be created on demand and increase the scale of virtual machines on the physical server while maintaining Quality of Service.
Vinod Lakhani, General Manager, High Speed Controllers, Broadcom Corporation claims:
Through our collaboration with VMware and other partners, we were provided with the unique opportunity to co-author and standardize VXLAN implementation and leverage this knowledge to enhance innovation throughout our portfolio. Cloud and enterprise IT architects can now leverage the combination of VXLAN and Broadcom’s complete portfolio of NetXtreme controllers and StrataXGS switch technologies to increase performance and reduce total cost of ownership.