Release: vOPS Server Explorer 5.1

vOPS Server Explorer (formerly VKernel vScope Explorer) is a suite composed of three free utilities: vScope Explorer, SearchMyVM Explorer and the brand new Environment Explorer.

The new entry, Environment Explorer would allow administrators to detect any efficiency problems, identifies VMs performance issues in configuration such as memory limits and any bottleneck.

The tool gives an insight of the environment and can help administrators to check if there is any issue or if they are running out of capacity.

According to the vkernel’s products description:

Environment Explorer allows a system administrator to at a glance, see:

  • Overview statistics of all hardware and virtual objects in an environment
  • Counts of VMs suffering from configuration and VM performance issues
  • Details on efficiency problems
  • And to gain an understanding of how much capacity is still available for new VMs

Environment Explorer Features

Environment Explorer, a utility within the vOPS Server Explorer suite, displays vital information at a glance and provides performance, inefficiency and capacity management data with the following features:

  • Identify critical VM configuration errors such as memory limits and old snapshots
  • Recognize performance bottlenecks
  • Detect inefficiency/waste created by VMs with resource over-allocation
  • Find available capacity expressed as the number of additional VMs that can be deployed

Thanks to  Eric Sloof.